STARTRC Extension landing gear & floating training kit for Mavic Air

  • ₱979.00

1. Heightened Landing Gear Lengthened Extended holder.

2.Soft silicone, good elasticity, high, shock absorption, no damage to the body

3.Lightweight, portable, easy to carry and install, to protect your Maic Pro camera perfectly.

4. Buoyant rods can be installed to allow the Mavic Pro to take off and land on the water, it can allow let you play in the water or sea

5.Easy to float up and be used as an upcoming underwater photography also can shoot a picture of the water surface and no worry about your camera sinking.

Product: Landing gear & training kit for Mavic Air

The kit was designed for Mavic Air especially. The product is suitable for a beginner who is new to flying drones to practice flying. There are 2 sponge sticks to absorb shock and reduce impact when landing on the ground. It helps reduce the chance of breaking the propellers or any expensive parts from hitting any obstacle. It is a raised landing gear for Mavic Air to raises camera 4cm above the dirt, sand, grass. Additional, the middle connector will be used as a separate accessory to connect tripod or camera or LED with related parts.