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STARTRC Drone Antenna Signal Range Booster for DJI Phantom Inspire Controllers

  • ₱249.00

Great Improves Both Transmitter and Receiver SiGNal Performance,
Full Range Coverage, Strong and Stable Signal. Lightweight, Durable, Practical and Convenient to Use.


Copper Parabolic Antenna Signal Range Booster Signal Extender(Enhanced version)for DJI Phantom 3 Inspire1 Remote Controller

Parabolic antenna expanding knowledge:

The parabolic antenna is in the form of the most frequently used type of radar antenna installation works. The parabolic antenna consists of a circular parabolic reflector mirror and the light located in the focal points.
The parabolic reflector is made of metal, usually, a metal frame covered with wire mesh inside.
Metal mesh width of the groove must be less than λ / 10. The metal coating is formed to act as a mirror reflector radar energy.
As each portion of the wavefront reaches the reflecting surface, it is shifted by 180 degrees, the phase angle and in all sections of the field will be sent out in the parallel paths of travel.
This is an idealized radar antenna and produces a pencil beam. If the reflector has an elliptical shape, then it will produce a fan-shaped beam. Surveillance radar used within the horizontal and vertical planes of the two different curvatures, in order to achieve the required pencil beam in azimuth and in elevation classical cosecant, squared fan beam.
Includes: 2* Antenna Amplifier / Signal Booster