Drones! Drones! Drones!

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Drones are everywhere, and when I say everywhere it may be at your local beach, park, farm fields. and those gigantic overlooking buildings in cities, heck there might even be one outside your window right now taking pictures of you! Point is, drones are everywhere and we can't neglect the fact that it's slowly beginning to be one of man's greatest asset. 

Today, most of the time, drones are commonly known for being a toy only, but that's not the real case. Drones nowadays are slowly working its way to the top in terms of technology innovation; used in any kind of field works or even for leisure! People always think that drones are just a medium for capturing captivating views or recording videos for a montage project. However, drones have tons of uses, not just by doing this stuff.



Agricultural drones are used to make the lives of our farmers easier. Using this type of drone will lighten the tasks of the farmer in just one click! The drone will automatically water the crops within the area programmed by the farmer. All you need is your own water solution and the ability to map out your own field. How cool is that!? 


Now I don't even have to explain this part. Drones are now used for racing and numerous pilots are earning tons of money just by doing so!\


Drones are also used for safety precautions moment. They usually serve as the eye of the firemen when there is an emergency, giving the authority the part of the establishment that is hard to reach due to the fire, seen. 

It also serves as a monitoring drone, casually strolling around the city blocks or highways, providing aerial support for the police officers who have an only limited view of the surroundings.


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