Alone? Go fly a Drone!

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Alone and bored now, that it is the season of love? Well, why not try to fly a drone instead! Drones are fun and worth spending time too, you know. All you need is one handy drone to entertain you throughout the day, and you are good to go! So let's talk about the factors that make drone's company more accommodating than a human. 


Company of Drone vs. Human

Not dissing, but we can safely assume that interacting or mingling with a person is kinda...well, tedious. You must always be careful about stuff that might be sensitive or inappropriate to the person you are talking with. You should read the mood, and being comfy around them might not be a good idea since all of us have a different preference when it comes to our company. On the other side, we humans seem to find it more comforting and convenient when we are talking behind the screen, in short; when we are using our technology. 

Unlike other company of humans, drones will not fail you. Sure, there might be an issue when it comes to battery conservation (Ha!) and other technical difficulties, but those are just technical and can be fixed; thus, making it easier to deal with.



It is still better if you occasionally visit your friends or family every now and then, not just on valentines. Indeed, having a drone as your date for Valentines is an appealing idea, however, one still needs to meet and interact with the outside world; and you don't always need valentines to show appreciation and love to your special ones, and when I say 'special ones' it is not only limited to your romantic relationships. It can always be your friends, family, your dog or your pizza! 




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